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Opomba: sivo K plus, ki je na zalogi, Rjava K plus ni na voljo

Vsebina Paketa: 1Zpresso K-plus mlinček, ščetka za čiščenje, čiščenje ventilatorja,anti-slip gumo, torbica Izdelek Specifcations: Barva: Svetlo siva Teža: 800 + 5 g (1.76 lb) Dimenzije: za 18,6 x 6.2 x 15 cm Razlogi Zmogljivost: 35~40g

siva K plus ↓↓

brown K plus je na zalogi↓↓

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Vsebina paketa: 1Zpresso K-plus mlinček, ščetka za čiščenje, čiščenje ventilatorja, anti-slip gumo, torbica * Teža: 800±5 g (1.76 lb) Dimenzije: za 18,6 x 6.2 x 15 cm Razlogi Zmogljivost: 35-40 g (odvisno od bean tip) Materiali: Les, polikarbonata, silikona, nerjavnega jekla in aluminijevih zlitin.

  • Funkcija: Prenosni
  • Material: Aluminij
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Številka Modela: 1zpresso K PLUS

Warface 72
Brilliant product, extremely well machined, and a joy to hold, use, and look at. Produces a very uniform grind - with an excellent result in the cup. I use it for pour-over - for which it is nothing short of amazing. Of course, I couldn't resist trying some finer grids: (1) Turkish - the grinder produces extremely fine, consistent, and fluffy powder - but be prepared for a VERY long grind time (~4 minutes for 15 grams, dialed to "20" on the grinder. Going any finer than that will exponentially increase grind time with no apparent gain in fineness); (2) Espresso - great grind quality at much more reasonable grind times. Dial-in resolution is quite acceptable (~2 second difference in brew time per click), but if your sole interest is espresso - you may want to consider the JE-Plus which offers better granularity, and comes at the same price range. For my use-case, I believe the K-Plus is the better of the two.
Looks good. The truth is a light soft metal without coating! Disappointed!
I have a gray color that is different from the one in the show, which is brown wood
Super Produkt. Schnelle Lieferung

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